Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

Chaos Trivia

     On Google Play and the Apple App Store!

When the game begins you are prompted to input a user name. This can be almost anything and it is Alpha Numeric. The user name is not tied to any of your accounts and is only used by the game to push your score to the Leader Boards – you can leave this field blank if you want (it will use a default name of “User” if you leave it blank). You can change your user name as often as you like in the “Settings” menu.

Chaos Trivia has more than 110,000 questions at it’s core. The questions cover a variety of topics and are completely random. You can get the same question multiple times but have caution because the answer will not appear on the same button as before. Some of the questions are very easy and some of them are hard as well as some of them just plain silly. The game includes the ability to skip a question (you get 10 skips for free) so that you can keep playing. While we have added some music and button bleeps as sounds we recommend that you turn them off in order to focus, you can adjust this in “Settings” menu.

There is now a leaderboard so you can see if you are one of the TEN best players playing the game.

Leaderboard is reset the 1st of each month.

There are 3 modes to the game, which can be changed at any time in the “Settings” menu

Easy Difficulty allows for 45 seconds. Shows you the correct answer should you use a “skip” and shows you the correct answer when you select the wrong answer. As of Version 8.2 Easy mode will also show you the correct answers when you use a SKIP.

Normal Difficulty allows for 30 seconds. Only shows you the correct answer when you select the wrong answer.

Champion Difficulty allows for 15 seconds. Never shows you the answers.

You have a set time limit (depending on what mode you are playing) in seconds to answer each question, if you fail to answer the game is over – if you answer incorrectly the game is over.

Should you answer incorrectly or should time run out you will go to the “Game Over” screen which will automatically save you High Score. If your Current Score is Higher than your High Score it will update your High Score and then Push your Score to the Leader Board. If you have any of the 5 free skips remaining it will remove those as those are per play session only. Any skips that you have earned through watching Videos or have Purchased will remain untouched until you use them.

There is a Video Ad you can watch to get 30 SKIPS for free

The ability to save your progress has been added to the game. The Save Progress allows you to try to beat you score but when you have time. If the score you have when you use the Save Progress button is higher than you high score not only will it adjust the high score to match but it will also send it to the leader board (hopefully you will have one of the ten best scores).One note that if answer incorrect or the timer runs out your progress is wiped clean and you will have to start over.

A lot of sources were used to give you the most randomized set of trivia questions we could gather. Should any of our answers be incorrect please contact us and let us know and we will change them (While we do thoroughly research everything, mistakes happen). Should you find something that needs to be changed please email us [email protected] so that we can correct any issues as soon as humanly possible – at the lower right hand of the screen there is a “Questions Set” – please send that number with your observation.

We here at Vanguard Chaos Gaming hope you enjoy our little game and plan on expanding it by adding new questions every week so that you never get bored.

One thing to add to all of this is that we know there are a lot of streamers that are also trivia fans, if you would like a special version for your your stream do not be afraid to contact us [email protected]