Sat. Mar 18th, 2023

Esper Type

Available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store

Esper Type is a fun causal word guessing game with thousands of words

Esper type features multiple word lengths such as:

4 Letter Words

5 Letter words

6 Letter words

7 Letter Words

8 Letter words

9 Letter words

Esper Type allow you to have between 6 and 15 tries per word.

Sound level is adjustable

Music is adjustable

Letter color schemes can be changed

3 different keyboard layouts

You can use Hint on Letter which shows one of the letters in the box that is in the word

You can use Hint on Keys t0 light up one or two letters on the keyboard that are in the word

You can explode up to two keys on the keyboard that will show you letters that are not in the word

There is a How to Play Screen

There is a small Stats Screen which tracks how many times you have played and won

In the Settings Screen there is the ability to delete your save and restart the game.

You can also refresh the screen at anytime and start a new word

You start with 600 coins

The game is Ad supported meaning there is a Video Rewards to gain 200 coins also there is a pop up ad about every two minutes that will reward you with 150 coins. Should the pop up ad fail to appear or the ad network fail to show the ad you still get the 150 coins.