Thu. May 26th, 2022

Games We Make

Yes, We make games. In fact we have even had games published on the PlayStation Vita, most notable of which was our “Star Sabotage” star shooter game.

We use the Unity game engine to produce our games. We do not use it because it is the best game engine but because that is the one we are most familiar with it’s functionality. 

Unity allows us o code once and compile to different sources such as Android and iOS (Coming Soon) as well as make versions for Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and Linux systems.

While most of the development is done in MS Windows 10, we do also use a Macintosh (required to load to the Apple Store) and we have a Linux system which runs Garuda (an Arch Linux based system). Our Garuda sys is this one: Garuda KDE Dr460nized which is pretty awesome and it is an easy platform to test Linux builds as it comes with everything one needs for gaming.

We will only add pages here when the games are released and ready to play.

We hope that you enjoy what we make.