Fri. Mar 17th, 2023

Chaos Cookies

Available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store

Chaos Cookies is a word puzzle game that is focused on on Cartoons and Anime

Chaos Cookies was designed to be challenging

in Chaos Cookies you can use Rubies to help you solve puzzles, if you run out you can watch a video ad to get 5 more or you can buy them in the in game store.

Chaos Cookies does not use a standard word list so you won’t find the answers by doing a web search

Chaos Cookies is designed to expandable.

If you don’t know what the term “Mecha” means – please do not download.
Only download this game if:
1) You like Big Bots and you can not lie
2) You know what Anime is
3) You’ve seen a cartoon
4) You want to challenge yourself