Tue. May 30th, 2023


     Many years ago two extraordinary players met online during an MMO game. This meeting lead to a friendship that last to this very day. These two gamers found that they had a lot in common, from their love of Anime all the way to the branch of the military that they had served.

      The one thing they shared most of all was their love of games. One day a thought invaded their minds and from that simple intrusion formed Vanguard Chaos Gaming.

      We know what we like and don’t like about games, however, we do not know what the rest of the world likes or does not like about games. One can not rely on reviews on the internet as they are often very heavily opinionated on both sides of the coin. We build, or have built, games that we like and hope the rest of the world enjoys them as well.

      We strive and will continue to strive in the future to make or have lade games that are not only enjoyable but also a little bit challenging.

      We would love to be able to put out games that did not rely on ad support but the simple truth that making a game free is not free to make. There are cost such as electricity usage that need to be covered, not to mention the time it takes to develop even the most simplest of games. A lot of people do not consider that they very first cost that game developers have is the machine to make the games in the first place, computers (or laptops) are not cheap. To cover the cost we place ads in the games so that we can make them free, for we know a lot of people are struggling and can’t really afford the extra expense of a game – even though there those that can – we want our games available for everyone.

      Thank you for visiting our site.       Game On!