Tue. May 30th, 2023


DO NOT CALL for any reason.

If you are a legitimate business with a legitimate proposal then use our support email to contact us – that is why we created it.

[email protected]

If you have to contact us about one of our services or games you may use the following email to do so

[email protected]

Please do not send any attachments or screenshots (with the exception of Chaos Trivia) – If we need to see a screenshot we will ask you for one but we do ask that you write and tell us your problem first.

Chaos Trivia questions, screenshots and anything else needs to go to:

[email protected]

I you are a fan of our games or just have questions, concerns or anything else please use or support email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you need to contact the game developer for any reason his email address is

[email protected]

If you feel you need to write to us our physical address is :

Vanguard Chaos Gaming

2118 Oak St

Harper Kansas, 67058

Side Note: If you call us and we did not request the call you agree to the following condition:

You, the caller, agree to pay Vanguard Chaos Gaming the sum of $5,000 (Five Thousand) U.S.D.